• "We could not be happier with this response and this proposed solution to the problem …..We really appreciate the explanation you've taken great care to write, too. Thank you so much.
    This outcome and the honest conversations we've been able to have about this problem …. all just confirm our decision to build with O&K Builders. It is going to be an awesome house to live in - we are madly looking forward to it - and we have absolutely no doubt that you all were the best people to choose for the job."

    S & K, Wangaratta, Vic.
  • "Thank you so much for making our dream of a beautiful new house a reality. After almost one year of living in it we are still able to say we love it. Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job of building our house – we were so impressed by the way all the Ovens & King Builders work, your professionalism & how friendly & helpful you and all your builders are to deal with."
    K & M, Beechworth, Vic.
  • “Ovens & King Builders understood and embraced our commitment to build a highly energy efficient house from the very start of our project. From the early quoting stage through to the end of the building phase they contributed ideas and experience in such building techniques to help us achieve our very sustainable dwelling. Ovens & King Builders were able to forge a relationship which was both professional and personal.
    Communication would occur through a variety of ways - there were frequent opportunities to exchange thoughts, concerns, seek answers or reassurance. The online project management tool we used was immensely useful.”

    M & F, Beechworth, Vic
  • “The whole process was very professionally run and the outcome was even better than expected. The building has delivered just what we want at the budgeted cost. Ovens & King provided good advice to improve the construction process, thermal efficiencies of the building and cost control. Thorough planning enabled good control of the budget. “No surprises”. Simple and effective use of website to monitor progress and for costing any additional work etc.All stages completed to schedule. All work conducted to a high standard. Good communication at all time. Safe and clean site at all time.”
    M & F, Beechworth, Vic
  • “Ovens and King Builders took on the task of converting our two dimensional images into a three dimensional structure of our ideas. A common vision of the outcome was established between the designer, builder and ourselves. Principles of solar access, thermal mass, double glazing, zoning, orientation, siting and cross flow ventilation became evident and recognised in all parts of the house. Some ideas were more complex in implementation than others and involved design, engineering, fabrication and installation.. We were delighted by the fact that the builder always worked to implement our wishes including the more unusual ones. Now, almost four years after taking occupancy we have had probably two or three hundred people including students look through the place at sustainability features. One of the questions often asked is 'What would you do differently if you were to do it all again?' Apart for utilising any new technology the answer is 'Nothing'. In our case the end result does what we wanted and allows us to do what we wanted. It is uniquely ours and as we say to many visitors it suits us admirably.”
    J & R, Wangaratta, Vic
  • We hoped to engage Ovens and King Builders long before we ever met them. We wished to utilise a local builder who shared our desire to build an eco friendly, sun smart home. Time and again we were drawn to the Ovens and King website. When our new home commenced we were introduced to the workman who proved to be unfailingly polite and helpful. Nothing seemed to be too hard or too much trouble. Any problems encountered were dealt with promptly, satisfactorily and without rancour. The online management tool proved helpful and enhanced communication. We have lived happily and comfortably in our new home for more than six months now. We are pleased with its design, construction and thermal performance. Our satisfaction owes a great deal to the skill, hard work and open communication of Lachie and his team. Lynn and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective clients.”
    P & L, Stanley, Vic
  • "We’ve had ten happy years (in the house) and will always be grateful for the excellence of your workmanship and, indeed, for your friendship."
    N & L, Beechworth, Vic
  • "The house is phenomenal. My last stay there was the coldest week of the year, and I survived without lighting the fire, and only cheated by having an electric blanket. On the hottest nights last week, we slept comfortably with the fan and the design. It truly is remarkable."
    G.L, Taminick, Vic
  • "Thank you, not just for the quality of the work, but for being such nice people to have around."
    K & H, Markwood, Vic
  • "It takes a bit of effort to remember when we last dealt with such a professional and friendly group. Your efforts in getting the work completed in time were greatly appreciated. The wedding went off very well and there were favourable comments about the home. We have added a small amount to the cheque and hope that you (all) get time for a quiet drink on us. (P.S. I am missing all the free advice already)."
    N & C, Tarrawingee, Vic
  • "Thanks for such a positive experience of building an extension…"
    B & J, Tarrawingee, Vic
  • "Please thank everyone involved for their helpfulness. It’s a pleasure to have them around…"
    I & A, Whorouly, Vic

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