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Ovens & King Builders offers a complete range of building services. We can provide clients with the assistance they need regardless of the level of professional involvement they are seeking.

Some of the tasks we commonly undertake include:

  • Preliminary Costings of projects under development
  • Technical assessment of initial Design concepts
  • Complete construction through to completion
  • Staged or Part construction for footings, frames, floors and fit out
  • Owner Builder advice and assistance
  • Preparation of Building permit applications
  • Sub Contractor Referrals

Engaging our services

To provide a fixed price Tender for the construction of the home we’ll need to first form a Preliminary Agreement. When we take on a project we engage with our clients in a Preliminary Agreement. Our initial aim is to confirm the potential budget, likely scheduling and specific details of construction prior to preparing final plans.

To achieve this, we provide:

  • A reserved place in our Construction program.
  • Introduction to Design Professional or an assessment of your Existing Design.
  • An Initial Scope of Works as you specify important aspects of the project.
  • Concept Design cost assessment or Detailed costing of construction standard drawings.
  • Analysis of structural and thermal design.
  • A Bill of Quantities to define specific elements of cost.
  • Competitive quotes from our network of skilled sub trades.

After review of our Preliminary Cost Assessment, we continue our work with yourself and the Design Professional to:

  • Revise the Scope of Works / Building Specification.
  • Confirm updates to the Plans.
  • Obtain accurate pricing for materials from reliable suppliers & Sub Contractors.
  • Undertake a detailed Bill of Quantities for a Contract price.
  • Provide a Detailed Tender for Construction.
  • Identify cost options and provide break out pricing.

Following your consideration of our work, once you accept our Detailed Tender for Construction, we can:

  • Confirm updates to the Plans &; Building Specifications.
  • Prepare an appropriate Contract for your approval.
  • Obtain Home Warranty Insurance required for the Building Permit.
  • Discuss timeframes with suppliers &Sub Contractors.
  • Provide an Online Schedule with key dates.

Costs associated with this work vary from project to project, based on the level of complexity and the scope of the proposed works.. That would be invoiced as follows:

  • A Deposit Claim on approval of this agreement for 10% of the contract price.
  • A Claim for 40% prior to commencement of our preparation of any Cost Assessment.
  • Claim for Balance owing will subsequently only be charged if the proposed project does not proceed to Construction phase with Ovens and King Builders P/L.

Additional Claims for specific documentation costs such as Plans, Engineering or associated reports required for Construction and Permits will be made after Approval for these work.

We use this process to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our clients that want us on their projects for our values, service and expertise.

Working drawings that provide Section diagrams, specification schedules and construction detail. These plans would also then be suitable for submission for a Building Permit.

If you’re wanting to build an energy efficient home, visit our information on Sustainable Living.

Commercial Projects

Ovens & King Builders have a proven track record in delivering results in small commercial building works. We build quality projects that are delivered on time and on budget with a minimum of fuss.

We have renovated the façade of the WAW Credit Union building, Beechworth to bring the building more in keeping with the heritage values of the town. We've been involved with local Wineries such as Baileys, Amulet and Pizzini's in developing their Cellar doors.

We provide thorough planning, commitment to schedules and detailed documentation that makes for a efficient building process with minimal disruptions or delays.

Contact us for an initial appointment to discuss your project.

Renovations & Additions

We have significant expertise and experience in Renovations, Alterations & Additions

These projects have been a vital part of our business. We have been involved in many successful projects involving the rejuvenation and remodelling of existing homes in Wangaratta and surrounding districts.

Heritage buildings bring uncommon challenges sometimes but we have a successful track record in in sensitive and thorough restoration of historically significant buildings. We bring a sympathetic approach to whatever style of construction we approach.

Our experience in this area means we can provide accurate estimates of cost and a detailed schedule of works for your project.

We bring a considered approach that minimizes the disruption to your lifestyle whilst building works are in progress.

Contact us for an initial appointment to discuss your project.

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