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Efficiency & Sustainability

Ovens & King Builders are passionate about sustainability. We aim to offer all our clients the latest in energy efficiency measures to ensure that your new home is one that you not only enjoy living in, but that saves you running costs, and reduces the impact on the environment, well into the future.

Most Australians live in homes that work against the climate, rather than with it. Many of these homes use much more energy and water than is actually necessary. The materials they are made of can be responsible for damage our health and the environment.

Poor design choices mean the average family home is hot in Summer, cold in Winter and comparatively expensive to run. Well-informed choices of materials and building methods can significantly change the amount of energy embodied in the structure of a building, and save you money both during and well after construction.

Using a builder that embodies sustainable practice is fast becoming a smart economical choice as well as the responsible one for the environment. Ovens & King are committed to including efficiency measures in all our homes and building practices, and have been acknowledged for our expertise in efficiency and sustainability with several housing awards. We are an accredited MBAV Green Living builder and have built energy efficient homes up to a rating of 8.4 stars.

Speak with us to get the best advice on including smart choices in your new home.

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